Fast Texts

Send the usual texts you send to the same people with just one tap!

(available for iPhone, iPad, iPod)

  • Select the type of message you wish to send: Data Message (free through your data plan), iMessage / SMS, E-Mail, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Choose your contact or contacts (Fast Texts supports groups).
  • Write the text
  • Now, you can send that text with just a tap (for Data Messages) or two taps for the others.
  • If you sent the Fast Text with a Data Message, you can follow the conversation within the app, in its chat view. You also have read notifications to know if your partner read the message.

You have a separate Favorite view for you Fast Texts, with the option of displaying them with big letters, so that you can easily tap on them on the go.


- Why do I need 2 taps for sending iMessage / SMS, E-Mail, Facebook and Twitter messages? Apple does not allow sending messages via these systems without giving the user the chance to review the message and edit it before it is sent.

- Why does Fast Texts not include Whatsapp / Line / my favorite chat app? Those apps do not have a way for others to use their features (a public API). Thats why Fast Texts include Data Messages and a chat client, so that you can continue the conversation with in Fast Texts